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    World Snow Day; A bright future ahead  
What is World Snow Day?
To begin with, we would like to inform newcomers and refresh the minds of existing World Snow Day friends about what it is:

• World Snow Day is part of the international FIS campaign ‘Bring Children to the Snow’ introduced in 2007

• World Snow Day is an annual snow festival for children and their families

• World Snow Day both seeks to introduce newcomers to snow and to provide additional value to those who already participate

• World Snow Day provides a chance to EXPLORE, ENJOY and EXPERIENCE snow

• World Snow Day celebrates all things snow!

• World Snow Day brings the global snow industry together to promote snow and the fun activities it offers

• World Snow Day is open to anyone who has already discovered snow activities or would like to

If you would like to know more about what World Snow Day is and its goals please feel free to visit the World Snow Day website . And while you are there, we encourage you to have a look and download for free the Event Planning Manual!
FIS Calendar Conference 2011 in Portoroz
Photo: Javostav Jaskowiah
Each spring sees the extended FIS family meet in a location around the world to discuss various scheduling, sports-technical, marketing and event planning issues related to the sport of skiing and snowboarding. The Calendar Conference 2011 in Portoroz (SLO) saw something new and exciting introduced to the FIS family, World Snow Day. The Calender Conference played host to the launch of the first phase of World Snow Day, the website. On June 1st at 7:01 a.m the World Snow Day website was launched and in the first day, two events from opposite ends of the World were registered, Canmore (CAN) and Shuchinsk (KAZ).

The 2011 Calender Conference was not only an opportunity for the National Ski Associations and FIS Organising Committees to be informed about World Snow Day but also an opportunity for feedback to be heard about the World Snow Day concept and its implementation. FIS would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended the Portoroz meetings, expressed a strong interest in World Snow Day and provided constructive feedback about World Snow Day. Without this feedback World Snow Day cannot improve itself. Furthermore FIS would like encourage all parties who have a keen interest in World Snow Day to continue to provide feedback about how World Snow Day can be improved. Feel free to contact the World Snow Day team at worldsnowday@fisski.com
Looking into the future Of World Snow Day
The future is very bright for World Snow Day and the children of the world.

The launch of the official website was very exciting for the FIS family but the fun is just starting. In the next month visitors, registered event organisers and those interested in conducting a World Snow Day event will find:

• Live Profiles –
Registered event organisers will each have their own live profile which can be viewed by anyone who visits the website. World Snow Day event organisers can update their profiles with news of their event and event location, videos and pictures of their location or World Snow Day event preparations

• Event Ideas Guide –
This is will be helpful tool to assist those wanting to participate in World Snow Day but who are unsure of what to do. The ideas guide will provide event ideas to either be used how they are or modified to suit your needs.

• Event Organiser Toolkit –
This will be exclusive to registered event organisers. The Toolkit will be full of promotional items which the organiser can use to promote their World Snow Day. Items inside the toolkit include, just to mention a few items, templates for beach flags, tents, bibs, banners, logo & user guidelines as well as a powerpoint presentation for organisers to use to approach event sponsors and the media

• Search tool for event locator –
This is a small tool inserted into the event locator on the right hand side of the website. The tool will help website visitors locate events around the world and receive more detail about participation

• Media information area –
The media information area will give the media a chance to access World Snow Day information and press kits. This will not replace the event organiser approaching the media. but is simply in place to help with the promotion.
Facebook & Twitter
The World Snow Day Facebook page and Twitter channel have been bombarded with visits. Facebook and Twitter will be some of the key social channels used to promote World Snow Day. FIS encourages World Snow Day Event organisers to also use these channels to promote their World Snow Day Event. For those who have not joined the World Snow Day page on Facebook or are not yet following World Snow Day on twitter, head to the World Snow Day website www.world-snow-day.com and click ‘like’ on the Facebook image and ‘follow’ on the Twitter icon.
Youtube Video Request
One of the exciting features coming soon to World Snow Day will be the Youtube channel. The Youtube channel will take viewers and visitors on a behind-the-scenes journey into the organisation of World Snow Day. But this video channel is not exclusive to FIS. FIS would like to invite you to send through your videos of your World Snow Day event progress. These videos will be posted on our channel and available for all to see.
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