Rigi Burggeist Scheidegg | Switzerland
Kids Fun Snow Gersau Day | 20 January 2018

World Snow Day on Rigi Burggeist

The calm and sunny Rigi Burggeist is considered by a lot of people to be the most beautiful Part of thr Mount Rigi. Our shareholders, guests, and locals are justifiably proud of their sunny Rigi side. There is no mass tourism on Rigi Burggeist and offers the opportunity for hours of hiking and enjoy nature pure. In the winter time the area offers sporting opportunities for young and old at fair prices.

Our mountain is in every season and always a great experience. The mountain spring nature awakens in a beautiful bloom. The summer provides welcome refreshment from the heat in the valley. A terrific sea awaits visitors in the fall and provides a view of the surrounding panorama.

For the World Snow Day, the children are transported for the free with a shuttle bus from Gersau to the ski area. Also all children of Gersau have received a season pass for free. Big thanks go to the District Gersau which covers the cost of season tickets to the kids. We hope to see you on 14th of January on the Rigi Burggeist Mountain and we hope you can enjoy the day with the kids.
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Kids Fun Snow Gersau Day
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