Valiug | Romania
Ziua Mondiala a Zapezii | 21 January 2018

On the World Snow Day, we are going to color the slope with fun and joy.

There will be plenty of activities for kids of all ages, starting with competitions, games, dances, everything on the beats of happy winterish music. There will be free ski lessons for everybody and snow will be much celebrated. Balloons and colorful torches will cheer up the slope. All participants will be thrilled and will have a lasting memory of what snow, mountains, and snow sports mean. All the members of our ski school will be involved and also, volunteers will be helping. The instructors of the ski school will take care of everyone coming to the event, and the volunteers will be helping with the organizational part. There will be banners with World Snow Day and party banners all around.

Our ski school has celebrated the world snow day over the past three years and we are excitied to be celebrating once again!
Location Map
Ziua Mondiala a Zapezii
327415 Valiug
(+407) 730 009 555
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