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Event Report
Enjoy snow - Choose skiing, NIS 2017 | 15 January 2017
48 Event Participants
The Event took place according the announcement. Weather was nice, with a lot of snow on slopes. We had 48 participants total including 9 ski team staff. Participants were kids, mostly, between 5 to 10 years old (parents got day off ....:)). They were divided into 7 groups led by our ski instructors. Four groups were totally ski beginners. All participants were marked. From the 9am till 1pm we provided free ski lessons and at 2pm we organized symbolic ski race. Except skiing, kids enjoyed in different games in snow. At the and of day activities, the event organizer provided for each participant diploma and small gift (done by sponsors).
Ski-center provided for all kids discounted ski passes.
Unfortunately, we didn't received Audi Toolkit, so we couldn't present the Event in the way we planed. Only diplomas were printed according the World Snow Day Template.

Looking forward next WSD Event!

Ski Team "NIS", SERBIA
Special Offers
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free food & drink
- Free gifts & prizes
- Discounted ski passes
The Event youngest group - ski beginers
One more group - ski beginers
Ready for the start!
Location Map
Enjoy snow - Choose skiing, NIS 2017
Tvrdjava 2A
18000 Nis
(+381) 637 709 791
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