White BeiDaHu Ski Resort | China
Event Report
World Snow Day By Bei Da Hu Ski Resort | 15 January 2017
1200 Event Participants
Best award
Best World Snow Day Event
The opening ceremony of FIS World Snow Day (International Snowkidz Festival) opened in main venue of Beidahu Ski Resort in January 15th 2017. There are more than 1000 kids and ski enthusiasts involved in the ceremony. The concept aligns perfectly with the Chinese President Xi Jingping’s call for 300 million new active winter sport participants by 2022 when the Olympic Winter Games come to China. Ski Resort organized many splendid performances and fun activities.
1. Activities
The splendid activities fully utilized the resource of Ski Resort and drawn up the feasibility plans to give children the chance to explore, enjoy and experience the snow.
1.1 Splendid Activities
Ski Resort offered free ski lessons, snow kids winter camp, free ski pass for kids, free fun park, free site for ceremony, snow football game.
1.2 propagandist promotion
In order to disseminate the theme “Bring Children to the Snow” of FIS Campaign, Ski Resort set up service station which can play the video of FIS rules of safety and handed out brochures for kids. Ski Resort had cooperated with media in depth and had made great effort on FIS Snow World Day promotion.
2. Fruitful Achievements
We got great recognition from society, Chinese Ski Association and FIS for this significant work to Bring Children to the Snow. The experience for kids will begin lifetime of enjoyment with snow sports. We will make great contribution to develop Chinese snow sports.
Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free food & drink
- Free accommodation
- Free transportation
Opening Ceremony
Opening ceremony
Scene photo
Location Map
World Snow Day By Bei Da Hu Ski Resort
Beidahu, Yongji-cun
132200 Jilin, Jilin Province
(+86) 108 831 8071
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