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Event Report
World Snow Day at Baiqingzhai Ski Resort | 15 January 2017
100 Event Participants
Best award
Best Small World Snow Day
"The foundation of the world snow and the international children's day of snow skiing Festival" success in the last year, the Shenyang Sport University qingzhai ski this year has once again become the venue of the activity. This year's theme is "exploration, happiness, experience", a simple and clear expression of the "International Children's ski Festival" advocated by the idea of skiing.
Since the successful Olympic bid in 2015, the national ski craze. In January 15, 2017, the Shenyang Sport University qingzhai ski careful preparation and organization, the world and the international children's day of snow skiing Festival "opening ceremony of success has been reported by many media. According to this theme, hundreds of children come to experience the joy of skiing, feel the ice snow charm, with the popularity of the teaching team more parents snow sports knowledge and skiing benefits from the family education to popularize knowledge, promote the sport of skiing ski. On the day, hundreds of children dressed in official T-shirt, divided into 3 groups, each group of children in different play snow events in coaches to lead the world, let the children feel the true meaning of Raffles in different projects, so to participate in the activities of the parents and the children feel the snow brought happy, but also stimulate the sport of skiing loves children.
Skiing brings physical and mental pleasure, it is necessary to experience skiing can be felt. As the organizers, Shenyang Sport University qingzhai ski, has been shouldering more responsibility to let children experience the joy of skiing, skiing youth has always been committed to teaching and experience, so that tens of thousands of children have the opportunity to get the ski experience.
Over the years, Shenyang Sport University for the community to train a number of outstanding athletes and coaches, but also to develop a number of national Ski World champion. Shenyang Sport University qingzhai ski skiing will as in the past, will promote communication, so that more people have access to skiing; understand the skiing experience; skiing; love of skiing; for national reserve more skiers, add luster for the 2022 Beijing Olympics!
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World Snow Day at Baiqingzhai Ski Resort
69-1, Sujiatun District
- Shenyang, Liaoning Province
(+86) 108 831 8071
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