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Event Report
World Snow Day Zakopane | 19 January 2014
2000 Event Participants
Third edition of World Snow Day in Zakopane was entirely different from the two previous ones,
but equally unique and fantastic!
Every organizer of mass events knows that there always must be a PLAN B. We have turned out to be specialists in this field! We can plan everything in greatest detail three months before the event, but we are unable to foresee the weather conditions. This year, winter in the south of Poland, where Zakopane is situated, is most exceptional, as the main character – the snow – is missing. Only the enormous involvement, hard work as well as extraordinary creativity of the organizers and all partners of Zakopane World Snow Day made it possible for the day to go down in history as a tremendous fun for kids and whole families, and the words of one of the participants “grandma, this is the best day in my life”, uplifted our hearts!
DECEMBER. It has become our Zakopane tradition that we start reminding about the World Snow Day as early as in December, when the art contest is held “My World Snow Day”. The contest participants include children from nursery, elementary and middle schools. This year, we have received almost 100 beautiful drawings, out of which winning works in respective categories were selected by the judging panel of the contest. The works have been displayed at the Hotel COS Zakopane – the official accommodation facility for Ski Jumping World Cup. Winners of the contest were awarded gold medals of World Snow Day during a festive ceremony held at the City Park on 19 January 2014. Thanks to our sponsors, the children also received ski passes (POLANA SZYMOSZKOWA, PKL), waterpark tickets (AQUAPARK ZAKOPANE) as well as tickets for snowy fun with snowmobiles (SNOWDOO ACADEMY).
SATURDAY. It has also become a tradition that our Volunteers with colorful WSD beachflags and balloons participate in the World Cup Opening Ceremony as well as in winner awarding ceremony. This year, the ski jumping competition was watched live by over 20 000 fans and they all heard the Mayor of the City of Zakopane, Mr. Janusz Majcher, invite during his official speech all children to take part in the World Snow Day! Owing to our special efforts, also the World Cup speakers invited children for Sunday fun.
This year, we decided to organize World Snow Day at the renovated City Park in Zakopane. It is the central point of the city, located at the back of the main walkway, Krupówki,
with excellent access. It is a place, in which we were able to ensure complete safety for our youngest ones. The only thing missing was the snow. Thanks to the great effort of many people and assistance of the firm SUPERSNOW, we brought 3 trucks of snow to the City Park in the night from Friday to Saturday! The snow was hardened and formed into a cross-country ski course for the Sunday competition (pictures presented in the film).
SUNDAY. For the third time already, Zakopane has organize a great family festivity according to WSD motto – Explore, Enjoy, Experience!
EXPERIENCE. Children experienced their first starts in ski competitions, everyone who finished the race won a gold medal and received it from an Olympic athlete himself, two-time cross-country world championships medalist, JÓZEF ŁUSZCZEK! The youngest ones could try ski jumping at a special prototype of a jumping hill set up at the center of the city. Children could also use a skating rink free of charge, learn how to skate, and also try to clear obstacles on an ice track. Ski coaches from Zakopane elementary schools organized a special training stations equipped with ski training simulators, balance beams and other exercise elements, so as to show the youngest that time without snow is used for special exercises preparing for skiing and snowboarding. Also organized was obstacle race, where children could compete for best times.
EXPLORE. Employees of the Tatra National Park prepared a nivation station, where children could see and recognize different forms of snow. Snow was transported in special buckets and boxes, so that there was enough of it for all participants! The Tatra Mountains Volunteer Rescue Service members brought with them a special inflatable climbing wall, on which children learnt the basics of climbing and safety. Every kind of activity prepares us for winter season! Association of Ski Instructors and Coaches together with Police educated children on safety on a ski slope as well as 10 FIS Rules. Police also had alcohol-impairment goggles, which showed how different perspective is after consuming even an insignificant amount of alcohol. In afternoon hours, instructors of STRAMA Ski School gave free ski lessons on Nosal ski slope. Thanks to the generosity of the firm ELAN, which provided us with 15 pairs of brand new skis, children could test skiing free of charge.
ENJOY. Fun is most important for kids! Our animators encouraged children for four hours to have fun. School groups, young soloists, circus performers, winter Zumba dancers and of course all organizers, who joyfully sang a special song composed for this very day (third one already), performed on the stage. We also held a ski painting contest for children. It was possible thanks to MAJESTY, a Polish firm producing skis, which supplied wooden prototypes. Representative of the firm MAMMUT demonstrated several times how to launch an avalanche backpack airbag, which may save human life in case of being buried by an avalanche.
Celebrations of World Snow Day in Zakopane were so successful that out of 100 gold medals prepared, not even one was left! Organization of this event in such unusual conditions showed one cannot give up, people are most important, their positive attitudes, involvement and creativity, thanks to which even the most unfavorable circumstances may be surmounted. Anyway, a smile and happiness of a child compensates for all hardships!
We would like to encourage you to watch a film account of the World Snow Day celebrations, prepared especially for us by LUKAS GABRIEL PRODUCTION, and also visit the dedicated website at
Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free food & drink
- Free gifts & prizes
Other Special Offers
Free clymbing lessons
Saturday, 18.01.2014 - Winners Ceremony, World Cup in Ski Jumping in Zakopane
Sunday, 19.01.2014 - Cross-country competition. The Olympian Mr Józef Łuszczek is ready at the finish line to decorate the competitor with the gold medal!
The girl is training with the Ski Instructor
Location Map
World Snow Day Zakopane


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