Strathcona County | Canada
Event Report
World Snow Day Strathcona County | 19 January 2014
600 Event Participants
In addition to recreational skiing and ski lessons, we partnered with The Wildlife Society, Alberta Chapter, Nature Alberta and the Land Steward Association to provide a wildlife and winter themed series of presentations, displays and activities by local scientists. These family-focused activities enabled people to learn about wildlife in the winter, to see the tools used by field researchers, and to learn about how current research will help us to better live, work and play on the land. Our skiers really enjoyed the interactions with the scientists, and the scientist in turn appreciated the direct contact with residents. The enthusiasm and interest shown by the World Snow Day participants was an important boost to the scientists, as this was an unusual public opportunity for them to discuss the importance of research in understanding our nature world, and to be able to discuss questions that the public asked. With the success of our 2014 partnership, we will work with our partner groups to build the event offerings further in 2015.
Special Offers
- Free food & drink
- Free gifts & prizes
Location Map
World Snow Day Strathcona County

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