Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area | Canada
Event Report
CSP Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area World Snow Day | 19 January 2014
100 Event Participants
The Muskoka Zone Ski Patrol thanks everyone who came out to brave the cold and snowy weather to make this a great event! Although the weather was a bit colder than expected... the BBQ helped put a smile on everyone’s face. We had awesome feedback from the public and even a photo op with the Huntsville Forester! Participants had a blast ‘scavenging’ for the Alpine Responsibility Code which was hidden throughout the hill (anyone who finished was treated with a prize); there were also safety demonstrations and helmet checks (interesting side noted – we found that the majority of small children were wearing either improperly sized helmets or not secured correctly)… but the highlight, other than delish hotdogs and yummy hot chocolate was the trivia game. We all learned a few new things! Like what is the definition of a “ yard sale” and what are the new colours of the Canadian Ski Patrol …. Finally, the best trivia question was our foreshadowing of Dara howells Olympic win with our Hidden Valley – Huntsville Olympian question! Go Dara go!
Special Offers
- Free food & drink
- Free gifts & prizes
Location Map
CSP Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area World Snow Day

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