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Event Report
World Snow Day Sofia 2014 | 19 January 2014
200+ Event Participants
WORLD SNOW DAY (SKI.BG) -- A great day, happy children, a wonderful holiday! For the third consecutive year we keep in high honour the FIS World Snow Day.

On 19th of January 2014, in honour of the World Snow Day, WWW.SKI.BG – official online media of the Bulgarian Ski Federation, along with "Vitosha Ski", organized free ski lessons for children and adults on the "Vitoshko lale" (Vitosha Tulip) ski slope near the path "Aleko Hut" - "Bear glade".

Because of too warm weather for the season and full lack of snow in the city, urban ski event in honour of the World Snow Day in Sofia was moved to the Vitosha Mountain. "Vitosha Tulip" ski slope, which is a favorite of residents of Sofia in the near-by Vitosha Mountain, has become a lovely place this Sunday for guests and citizens of the city, where they celebrated the World Snow Day 2014!

The initiative has received overwhelming support with the day lift pass on the price of only 1 lev for children under 14 years of age, announced earlier by "Vitosha Ski" JSC.

Free lessons from 11:00h to 12:00h were led by professional ski instructors from the Vitosha Ski School. Dozens of children, youth and adults beginners went through the drill field for snow activities. There were many thirsty wishing to ski lessons even after lunch, which SKI.BG team unreservedly assist with personal experience for their first steps on ski.

All the time, from morning till late afternoon, many children and adults were gathered in the vicinity of Aleko Hut and Vitosha Tulip ski slope, for the most genuinely fun on snow-covered areas, sledging, skiing, snowboarding or just walking down the slope covered with artificial snow and surrounding trails. For colorful crowd there were also ski demonstrations by young alpine ski competitors of the Vitosha Ski Club. In the end, after the lessons were made an all together photo with participants in the World Snow Day in Vitosha.

Weather, though too warm for the season, helped that the mood in the World Snow Day at the Vitosha Mountain were really superb and... Snowy!!!

January 19, 2014

Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
Ski demonstrations by young alpine ski racers of the Vitosha Ski Club
A great day, happy children, a wonderful holiday!
Most avid little skiers gathered for a photo in front of the WWW.SKI.BG camera
Location Map
World Snow Day Sofia 2014

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