Ski Center Silichi | Belarus
Event Report
Unified Snow Day, Silichy | 18-19 January 2014
8000 Event Participants
Dozens of smaller fests took place in the towns and cities of Minsk region with overall number of participants more than 22 thousand people. The major cornerstones of programs of each event were – Cross-country ski races for, children and youth, sometimes for older categories as well; funny on-snow games and competitions.
The major World Snow Day event for Minsk region was organized on the premises of Ski-center Silichi on 18.01.2014. The program of this festival included:
- contests of on-snow drawings and sculptures
- competitions in active on-snow sports
- Cross-country skiing Races
- Alpine skiing and snowboarding
- Show presented by local creative groups and artists
- Entertaining activities and funny contests.
All of the events were thoroughly covered by local media and were also broadcast by the TV-channel of Republican scale.
Special Offers
- Free food & drink
- Free transportation
- Free gifts & prizes
On-snow drawings and sculptures
Opening ceremony
On-snow competitions
Location Map
Unified Snow Day, Silichy

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