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Event Report
Slebogganing | 20 January 2013
15 Event Participants
This final report is one I never wanted to make. Mother Nature turned our snow covered Sleboggan Runs into bare ground. Therefore, we had to cancel our Sleboggan Event. Even though media outlets were informed of the decision to cancel two members of SCNE were on site to meet parents and children who may not have received word of the cancelation. Eight children and seven parents were very disappointed to learn of the cancelation when they got to the event.

Four SCNE members knowing that their event was canceled went to a sledding event and demonstrated Slebogganing to 28 parents and their children. The event was held at the Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center (PFEEC). Everyone had a fun time and the SCNE members hope that maybe PFEEC will become a new venue for the third World Snow Day.
Location for SlebogganEvent that had to be canceled.
The location of the three Sleboggan Runs left nearly bare from warn weather.
One of the Sleboggan Systems used for racing.
Location Map

United States of America
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