Rigi Burggeist / Scheidegg | Switzerland
Event Report
Kids Fun Snow Gersau Day | 20 January 2013
25 Event Participants
It was a beautiful day in Rigi Burggeist / Scheidegg. The sun was shining and snow was in great condition. Our World Snow Day event was set and everyone had a great time.

Our focus for the day was to give children an chance to explore, enjoy and experience snow sports and show people how easy it is to have a good time in the snow. Our event was simple and everyone appreciated the event. Free lift passes, lessons and transportation was provide to 25 great children to celebrate the occasion.

The children has a chance to not only see the snow but also through the lessons discover how much fun skiing and snowboarding really is. All of the wonderful participants provided great feedback to our Organisers and appreciated the idea of the event.
Special Offers
- Free ski passes
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free transportation
Kid on a jump
Location Map
Kids Fun Snow Gersau Day

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