Hannigalp, Grächen | Switzerland
Event Report
World Snow Day Grächen | 20. Januar 2013
130 Event Participants
On Sunday 20 January 2013 120 children in Grächen enjoyed free lift passes, equipment rental and an unforgettable snow sports day at Hannigalp. Air Zermatt provided a lot of entertainment with the Bell429 and the new Grächner PistenBully 600.

At 10.00 clock on Hannigalp the post course commenced. Children were able to try snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snow biking. In addition, they could rapidly slide down the snow tube train and show their freestyle skills. For additional fun children were able to search the artificial avalanche of buried treasures, where they learned facts about avalanches from the Grächner Pistenpatrouilleuren. And the ski race every child received his personal medal as a keepsake.

But the big highlight of the day was the helicopter and Piston Bully experience. When approaching the Bell429 helicopter all eyes turned towards the sky. The crew of Air Zermatt showed the astonished children rescue procedures and answered all questions patiently. Children were also to explore the new Grächner PistenBully 600.

At noon it was hunger time! In the mountain restaurant Hannigalp children gathered for a delicious plate of free spaghetti.

At the big Toblerone competition everything was at stake. A 4.5 kg giant Toblerone was the prize along with other small Toblerone small delicacies.

At the end of the day a great ceremony was held in the mountain restaurant Hannigalp. The mascot Grächner SiSu, Bobi and Snowli gave each child his personal certificate as a memento of the World Snow Day.

World Snow Day is in collaboration with the FIS and the IG snow (including Swiss Tourism, Swiss ski lifts and Switzerland) organized. The aim is to raise awareness among children worldwide again more on the snow sports and enable them to experience in the snow type.
Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free food & drink
- Free accommodation
- Free transportation
Die Teilnehmer vor dem neuen Pistenbully
Die Teilnehmer 4 bis 7 Jahre vor dem Helikopter der Air Zermatt
Nicht nur Spass auch Lernreichres stand auf dem Programm. Lawinensondierung.
Location Map
World Snow Day Grächen

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