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Event Report
Ski For All - United | 20 January 2013
4600 Event Participants
World Snow Day – a day we'd like to enjoy more of. A day for all ages, preferences, starting from everyone's abilities. January 20th offered fantastic weather, -7 degrees and sun.

During the day, The Swedish Ski Association's various branches from Örnsköldsvik and Bollnäs in the north to Stockholm in the south, met with 4600 visiters.

'Snowboard' offered rail session with nice prizes from Burton, DC, Nikita, Libtech/Gnu and Backyard Rails. Boo IF ski section arranged The Children's Vasaloppet with hot drinks and medals for all participants. The alpine clubs 'Friska viljor alpina' and 'Djurgårdens slalom klubb' showed the visitors how to ski a parallel slalom course. A course all visitors manage to ski.

By participating in the various activities, visitors could win great prizes. Some of the visitors were lucky winners of Ski Star gift certificats, caps from Isbjörn, slides and caps from Eurosport. Visitors could win caps and poles from 'Svenskt Sportforumsmedlemmar'. The Swedish Ski Association pushed for safety and gave away two Poc helmets in a lottery.

World Snow Day was a day for everyone. At Flottsbro, a ski resort south of Stockholm, visitors had the opportunity to try many different tools and equipment, with help from instructors, to support disabilities when gliding on snow.

Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free accommodation
- Free transportation
- Free gifts & prizes
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted food & drink
Before opening
Bring children to the snowsport
The Swedish skicuncil
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Ski For All - United

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