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World Snow Day, Trophy Maria Jose Rienda | 19 - 20 January 2013
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The experience of last season's first World Snow Day 2012 was a complete success and World Snow Day II is programmed similarly for 2013.A weekend was prepared to be full of activities by the management of the ski resort at Sierra Nevada. It was publicized to the local and national media. Information was also spread through social media networks. We added the World Snow day logo to our principal web page and also published it on our events page: from the beginning of the season. The weather report for that weekend was very bad:

Meteorology report (Meteorology Agency - AEMET)

The forecast for the 20th (Sunday): Cloudy to very cloudy with fog, reducing in intervals during the central hours of the day. Weak precipitation during the first hours of the day, for snow above 700-900 meters, ceasing precipitation during the central hours of the day. Cool to moderate temperatures at the end of the day for snow above 1400-1600 meters. Temperatures dropping, the maximum will be reached at the end of the day, with a moderate to notable drop in the evening. Moderate winds from the Northeast, moderate to strong in low levels with strong intervals in the high altitudes. Maximum, above 100 kilometers per hour in high altitudes during the first hours.
On Friday the 18th, due to the snowing, the dates of the sport competitions were changed.

On Saturday the 19th, the activities for the day were cancelled and the ski resort was closed due to strong winds and the snow storm.

On Sunday the 20th, it was foggy and snowing. One and a half meters fell that day. The season was partially open. Due to the bad weather during the first few hours of the morning, pre-planned activities for the day were cancelled, except for those who had discounts for the ski lift that was open to access Borreguiles.

346 people enjoyed going up and down the cable-car.(Gondala) A 50% discount was given to them, including an express menu with a drink.

Planned and cancelled activities:

In January, much more than snow.

Join us for World Snow Day in Sierra Nevada

January 19th

9:30am Maria Jose Rienda Trophy competition, Andalucia Youth Cup, The Giant Slalom, Youth and Gorriones categories.

3:30pm Award and Prize ceremony in the Telecabina Cinema.

4:30pm Balloon release in Andalucia Square.

4:30pm-6:30pm Activities for kids (painting and inflatable castles) and snacks.
In Andalucia Square.

6:30pm-19:00pm Nocturnal skiing, a parade of kids from all participating ski clubs together with the Federation of Andalucian Winter Sports (la FADI). On the Rio slope.

January 20th

9:30am Healthy meet-up for all kids. Exercises to warmup with music.

10:30-11:30am Tasting PULEVA.

9:00-10:00am Maria Jose Rienda Trophy, The Andalucian Youth Cup, The Super Giant,
Youth and Gorriones categories.

10:30-13:00 Free snow activities for children in the tubing area of Borreguiles.

16:00 Award ceremony for the Maria Jose Rienda Trophy in the Telecabina Cinema.


The meteorological conditions at the ski resort accommodated all the activities for the Second Annual World Snow Day.

Special Offers
- Discounted entry tickets
- Discounted food & drink
Bad weather and so much snow
Bad weather
So much snow
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World Snow Day, Trophy Maria Jose Rienda

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