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Event Report
Planica World Snow day | 20 January 2013
200 Event Participants
Planica is the main venue of the World Snow day in Slovenia. On Sunday 20th January, despite heavy rain, over 200 children enjoyed and experienced a lot of different snow activities

We first organized World Snow day and activities in Snow Land in year 2012. Snow Land was than open for a month, till the end of February. Feedback form children and parents was very positive and everybody kept asking us: “Will you do these fun activities again next year?”. We saw a lot of happy families and we heard a lot of kind words about Snow Land and World snow day. That was a confirmation that Planica really was a main slovenian venue of World Snow day. We decided to carry on with this tradition in 2013 and later.

Second World snow day in Planica took place on Sunday 20th January 2013. In Planica we are soon expecting a new Nordic center, so it is all about ski jumping and cross country skiing, and that is why we named our World Snow day a Day of Nordic skiing. Attention was on main nordic disciplines, cross country skiing and ski jumping. Besides all the instructors and trainers of ski jumping and cross country skiing, Franci Petek, an former champion in ski jumping and a professional athlete, was helping children with their first jumps and therefore his presence made this event even more special. He is also an ambassador of this event.

As we organized everything for our Day of nordic skiing, we didn’t have any influence on weather on that day. Sky was covered with black clouds and our biggest fear came true in about 2 hours. It stared with a few drops and continued with heavy raining. We didnt let weather disturb us and we knew that all the sport enthusiastic children and parents will come anyway. And we were right! More than 200 children, parents and other visitors arrived in Planica on a rainy World Snow Day/Day of nordic skiing.

The infrastructure where all the activities took place was made of snow. For this reason we named it Snow Land. It consists of two small ski jumps and a track for cross country skiing. Children were able to try both nordic disciplines under supervision of experienced instructors and trainers. On this day they explored, experienced and enjoyed first steps in cross-country skiing an first ski jumps.

In our Snow land everything was not just about both nordic disciplines, there were also other really fun snow activities. On our Snow Day/Day of nordic skiing children were also having a lot of fun sledging with different types of sledges, tubing on a special tubing track and playing different games on snow, like snow hockey and snow football. More creative ones designed various snow sculptures. The youngest participants enjoyed and explored in kids area.

Despite the bad weather, we can say that World snow day/Day of Nordic skiing 2013 was a success. We saw many happy and tired children faces and they all promised to come back next year.

World snow day/Day of nordic skiing was only the beginning of a month long period of activities in Snow Land. Snow land also welcomed a few slovenian schools. Over 1000 pupils have been exploring and enjoying nordic disciplines and other fun snow activities over the course of one month.
This year we decided to offer activites in Snow Land also to all the visitors that come to Planica at weekends. Children, parents and others can spend their free time together and enjoy the snow.

Snow Land in Planica will be open untill the end of February and total estimated number of visitors that will explore and enjoy this years Snow land will be more than 2000.

When the doors of Snow land close, the preparations for the biggest sport event in Slovenia, Planica 2013, starts. Join us form 21st till 24th March and cheer for our best ski jumpers.


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