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Event Report
World Snow Day Zakopane | 20 January 2013
2000 Event Participants
It is a pleasure to announce that the second edition of World Snow Day took place in Zakopane! For us the idea of World Snow Day celebrating is so important, that we decided to start the celebration in November 2012. To make children remember about World Snow Day, we organized the painting competition for the children from kindergarten, primary schools and junior high schools. The interest in the competition was very high and we received a lot of beautiful paintings. After this the special commission chose winners in four categories. The winning paintings were shown in the hotel, where all teams for Ski Jumping World Cup 2013 were accommodated, so every ski jumper could see what the World Snow Day means for our children. The winners got the special prizes from our sponsors and they were officially awarded on our stage during the World Snow Day celebration on January 20th.

The official celebration of World Snow Day started as early as on Friday during the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane. The Opening Ceremony of the event and the winner decoration was held under the aegis of World Snow Day! All spectators saw our volunteers dressed in shirts bearing the World Snow Day logo as well as beautiful and colorful beach flags.

On Sunday, January 20th, Zakopane organized a big event for the children and their families. The youngsters participated in cross country, ski jumping and ice-skating competitions. The children also had opportunity to slide on plastic discs, which the Organizer received as a gift from EUROSPORT. They could observe how ice sculpture of the bear was created by the artists from the School of Art from Zakopane. Children also had the opportunity to use the special photo stand, where they could have pictures taken together with their parents, friends and grandparents. There were also the special newspaper stand that one could take a picture and this picture was printed as a first page of newspaper! There was a special text about World Snow Day enclosed below this picture.

During the World Snow Day festival, everyone also had an opportunity to visit our educational stands, where the employees of the Tatras National Park (TPN) explained where snow comes from, what tracks are left in snow by forest animals as well as how to live in harmony with our nature. The rescuers of the Tatra Voluntary Mountain Rescue (TOPR) showed our youngest participants what an avalanche detector looks like, how to look for the missing with this device as well as how to use an avalanche probe. The educational zone was completed by the stand hosted by the Association of Skiing Instructors and Coaches (SITN) as well as Police, where children could take free lessons of skiing and snowboard.
The main attraction of the Snow Park was especially prepared World Snow Day stage, where professional animators for children performed. There was many different shows, attractions and plays for children. The youngsters could see circus acrobats, gangnam style show, modern dance show, children’s theater and many, many others. Every girl or boy could come on the stage

and officially wish all the best to her/his grandparents, as we had in Poland Grandma’s Day and Grandpa’s Day.

Having visited all the attractions children and parents could have some tea, eat some candies, bars and try the Milka chocolate latest products. During the World Snow Day event we were visited by approx. 1000 children accompanied by at least one parent. We can easily say that the celebrations of the World Snow Day gathered about 2000 people!
Special Offers
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free food & drink
- Free gifts & prizes
Other Special Offers
Free pictures
The view on the stage
cross-country competitions
The winners of painting contest and the winning paintings in the background
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World Snow Day Zakopane

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