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Event Report
Snow Flake Tour | 18 January 2013
1952 Event Participants
There were 50 participants in the eve of snow day in Birštonas. Family relay races, tobogganing and mountain skiing competitions were organized. Townspeople with families celebrated snow day near Birštonas in the mountainous places of Kaunas surroundings as well. There were over 230 participants.

In Anykščiai all children and their parents were greeted for that they were not afraid of cold and did sports and were actively engaged in outdoor winter activities. On the occasion of snow day all children visiting Kalita mountain were awarded the souvenir medals of snow day. 62 people participated in the event of snow day in Anykščiai.

In Ignalina the World snow day had been celebrated for 2 days:
On Saturday Lithuanian Sport Society „Žalgiris“ organized cross-country skiing for children under 16, after which the competitions for adults were held. 96 people of different age groups participated in cross-country skiing competitions.

On Sunday children and teenagers were taught to snowboard by snowboarding instructors free of charge. Older teenagers could try the biggest BIG AIR airbag for snowboarders in the Baltic region. The youngest children were also taught to ski correctly and manage mountain skis. Over 80 children and teenagers participated in the events of snow day on Sunday.

The biggest number of winter sport enthusiasts gathered in the event of snow day held in Vilnius. 1280 people enjoyed skiing and souvenir medals.

In Vilnius region the snow day was also mentioned in Molėtai (30), Jonava (51) and Mostiškės (150). Here more than 230 people gathered to participate in the events and attractions of winter sports.

In total 1952 people participated in snow day in Lithuania in 2013.

Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free gifts & prizes
Snow Flake Tour in Vilnius
Nordic walking in Kaunas
Ice-hockey in Mostiskes
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Snow Flake Tour

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