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Event Report
World Snow Day 2013 | 19-20 January 2013
300 Event Participants
Two days of activities and sharing with the athletes of the World Cup!


Saturday, 19/01/2013

6.00 pm: meeting at pick-up of women’s WC
- Pick-up of WSD bibs and bag with gifts
- Formation of groups and their “azzurro” athlete
- Participants involved in the ceremonies of DH competition (19/01) and the Pick-up for Super G competition (20/01)
- Group of 15 kids will hand over bibs to athletes
- Hot chocolate and cake

Sunday, 20/01/2013

7.00 am meeting

- Organization of groups and distribution of areas, where athletes do their slope inspection
- The groups will be at the slope observing the athletes and their coaches explanation to the course settings
- In the finish area there will be a tent for storing the skis
- Short break and snacks
- Participants of the WSD will be in a separate area attending the race having a closer contact to the athletes
- All WSD kids will participate at the winners ceremony
- Awarding of many prizes!
Special Offers
- Free food & drink
- Free gifts & prizes
- Discounted ski passes
All kids at the finish
Kids in the tent 1
Everyone enjoying their day
Location Map
World Snow Day 2013

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