Oberstdorf | Germany
Event Report
Nordic Day 2013 - Oberstdorf | 20 January 2013
1500 Event Participants
One day in the snow – FIS World Snow Day in Oberstdorf

Many thousand visitors attended the Nordic Day in the Cross Country Stadium Ried in Oberstdorf to test new material and to try biathlon, cross country skiing and many other disciplines.

He is very concentrated when he focused the target. Then Severin takes a deep breath, shoots and is happy: „Mam, i did it!“. The seven year old boy from Oberstdorf tried biathlon the first time during the World Snow Day in Oberstdorf.

The „Nordic Day“ was held during the „FIS World Snow Day“ and was one of the biggest events world wide. It was organised by the Skisport- und Veranstaltungs GmbH, the local newspaper „Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt“, the Skiclub of Oberstdorf and the Cross Country School Oberallgäu. Sunny weather and nice temperatures were also responsible that many thousand visitors came to the Cross Country Stadium in Oberstdorf.

Expierenced Cross Country Skier could test new material at the exhibition stand of the many ski companies. Beginners had the possiblity to take part at the courses and to get tips from practised and patient teachers. There was such a high demand, that sometimes the complete rent material was on the tracks!

Meanwhile the kids hat the possibility to take part in the kids parcours. The track with about one kilometer was so varied that the kids could see how interesting and exciting cross country training can be. The kids had to master bumps, jumps and obstacles and they had to throw on targets with a tennis ball.

But also beside the tracks there was a lot to discover during the Nordic Day. There were dog sleds and also the tubing on the Cross Country brigde brought a lot of fun.
Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free transportation
Other Special Offers
Tubing, dog sledge
Nice weather in Oberstdorf - many visitors!
A lot of ski companies were present.
The kids had a lot of fun in the Kids Parcours!
Location Map
Nordic Day 2013 - Oberstdorf

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