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Event Report
Borovets Snow Day | 19 January 2013
300 Event Participants
Borovets celebrated the World Snow Day'2013 on January 19th. On this special Saturday Borokids Fun Park was opened for all little skiers, who received free equipment and their first ski lessons. Borosport - the operator of the skiing areas and facilities, and its partner - Hotel Rila, sponsored a trip to the resort of a group of orphans from the Children Without Parental Care Centre in Dragalevtsi who also received their first ski lessons here, in Borokids Fun Park.

Free ski and snowboard lessons were offered not only to the youngest ones. All ski and snowboard beginners of all ages also enjoyed free equipment and lessons, provided by Borosport Ski and Snowboard School.

A freestyle event took place in the PromoPark - part of the Borosport Snow Park, on the “Iglika” ski run. During the day, all the resort guests who love freestyle, had the chance to show interesting tricks and jumps or just to watch the daring enthusiasts.

The center of Borovets resort was in a celebratory mood. Borosport organized a play-zone for the little ones, and for their parents, with five different areas for snow games, including snow figures carving, snow soccer, snow golf and many others.

All participants in the freestyle event, as well as the kids from the orphanage received gifts and prizes from the organizers.
Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free gifts & prizes
The play-zone in the centre of the resort, with five different areas for snow games.
The freestyle event on the “Iglika” ski run in the PromoPark - part of the Borosport Snow Park.
Some of the participants in the freestyle event holding their diplomas for taking part in the World Snow Day 2013 in Borovets.
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Borovets Snow Day

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