Saalfelden | Austria
Event Report
Nordix Saalfelden | 20 January 2013
500 Event Participants
World Snow Day Saalfelden a huge success!

At the first FIS World Snow Day in Saalfelden total of 500 children were enthusiastic.
Mission successful!
The aim of the Nordic World Ski middle school Saalfelden it was to kick off on Friday, 300 primary school children from
the surrounding communities to take on cross-country skis. So at Ritzensee an obstacle course with small jumps, wave lines, slaloms and banked corners was built. It was especially nice to look at how much fun the primary school children on the boards but narrower - with boots and poles are largely organisieret Once the organizer had to - had.

Also on the course on Sunday morning were the clubs at the Salzburg ski club
Saalfelden great Landescup organized. In addition to over 100 athletes - into the
Students Classes - was also top biathletes Tobias Eberhard at the start and was with the obstacles
studded track absolutely thrilled. Casually popped the Saalfeldner local hero from HSV
Saalfelden, once without shooting a superior day's best back.

During the weekend and found ski jumpers and Nordic combined, their Austrian masters (special jumping and Nordic combined team and each individual) in the student's classes.

The Nordic ski middle school, the ski club and the Saalfelden Salzburg-Ski thank very much for your participation, all the helpers and sponsors: (Markus Förmer) (Gittis granola bars) (Saalfelden Leogang Tourist Board) and and congratulate all the winners of this weekend.
Special Offers
- Free entry tickets
- Free food & drink
- Free transportation
500 Kinder beim World Snow Day Saalfelden
Fun & Action am Parcours
Spass für Allle!
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Nordix Saalfelden


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