Donetsk | Ukraine
Event Report
World Snow Day Donetsk | 22 January 2012
37 Event Participants
The First World Snow Day in Donetsk had gone snowy and successfully!

Weather did not let us down with enough snow! At 9 a.m. at the Donetsk Botanical Garden began to gather those who feels very confident on ski...

and those who had skied last time 20 years ago, and those who tried to ski for the first time ever.

Everyone felt warm in this snowy day.

Adults and children run 1200 m distance.

The viewers cheered, warmed by tea and than began to ski themselves.

The youngest skiers behaved actively and were getting all the pleasures of a winter snowy day.

The main result was great mood of all who was present! Family teams participated as well: Сross-country skiing - stand on skis with all family!

All competitors got World Snow Day diplomas, and winners were awarded with gift certificates of Vertikal Equipment Centre.

1 – Pavlova Sasha
2 – Martyshin Vlad
3 – Volkov Sasha
4 – Titov Vlad

1– Levencova Irina
2– Zlatieva Darya
3 – Martyshina Marina

1 – Golodnik Sergey
2 – Stanishevskij Evgenij
3 – Chirpurko Evgenij

Thanks to all for lovely snowy fest. World Snow Day has turned fine!
Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free entry tickets
- Free food & drink
- Free gifts & prizes
Happy young participants
Сompletion of the holiday
family team
Location Map
World Snow Day Donetsk
address: 39 Shorsa str.
+38 067 774 11 57
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