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Event Report
All young people on snow | 16 January 2012
2500 Event Participants
The Swedish Ski Association chose to host the World Snow Day in Hammarbybacken, which is a ski hill 15 minutes outside Stockholm city. World Snow Day was the final day, of the first week of “Alla på Snö” (“everyone on snow”). This project is led by Charlotta Bürger-Backström, and is a long-term project to get more 10-year olds active on snow. During the week, more than 1000 10-year olds were invited to Hammarbybacken where they participated in ski lessons (alpine and cross-country skiing), sledging, snow shoeing and to get the feeling of how to play, explore and enjoy the snow.
World Snow Day started at 10am where all visitors were asked to join in a competition where they could win great prizes from Intersport. The competition was simple, but required the participators to activate themselves on snow. Each participator was given a sheet (attached) with a map of 6 different check points which all were located on Hammarbybacken. At each point, they were given a letter and after having visited all six, they had to put the letters together and create a word (SKIDOR), which means SKIS. Once they knew the word they were asked to visit the Intersport tent were they could win prizes. Each check-point had volunteers from the various partnering associations, and was a great way for them to interact with youth and families. At some of the check-points, the participators were asked to participate in a specific sport, such as “Barnas Vasalopp” (“Vasaloppet for kids”), where they had to ski a small distance on Cross-Country skis. If they managed to ski this distance, they were awarded with a FIS Snow Kidz hat.
Hammarbybacken was branded with World Snow Day effects, and had 3 beach flags centrally located on the hill and down by the main tent. Additionally, most of the safety nets were branded with World Snow Day banners, 3 pop-ups were placed at some of the check-points, and all competition sheets were branded with the World Snow Day logo.
With light snowfall, this was the first true winter day in Stockholm, and Hammarbybacken had more than 2500 visitors this day. With a great mixture of kids, families and youth, World Snow Day in Stockholm turned out to be a big success. Some highlights from the participators are described below:

The most inspiring story came from a dad whose daughter had joined the “Alla pà snö” earlier that week. She had never tried skiing before, but now skiing had turned into become the most important topic within the family. The daughter had insisted that they went to Hammarbybacken for World Snow Day, and he was so proud of her, and so moved that she had started with something he knew he could never teach her. Each day around the kitchen table, the family spoke about skiing now, a sport they had never really thought about earlier.

Additionally it must be mentioned that World Snow Day in Hammarbybacken couldn’t have taken place without the partners. All the Associations as a whole create what skiing in Sweden means. The three words Explore – Enjoy – Experience have been used by World Snow Day in Sweden, and really describe the event itself.

Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free gifts & prizes
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted entry tickets
The picture illustrates children, 5-6 years old, having the opportunity to explore and enjoy the experience of skiing under the leadership of our young trainers.
The picture illustrates teenagers, 13-16 years old, having the opportunity to explore and enjoy the experiance to race in a track, try the ski-park and also have fun together under the leadership of our young trainers.
The picture illustrates two girls who have run a mini-version of the famous cross country race "Vasaloppet". The girls are wearing the ski-hats that was given to all participants who crossed the finish line in this mini race.
Location Map
All young people on snow


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