Vatra Dornei | Romania
Event Report
World Snow Day - Vatra Dornei | 22 January 2012
420 Event Participants
World Snow Day - Vatra Dornei was made possible by Euroski Ski School Vatra Dornei and Vatra Dornei City Hall. It was a great opportunity for children to experience snow and winter activities.
The main program included:
21 January, from 10 to 16 PM - Ski Race (kids only).
10, 12 and 15 hour: Free ski lessons with Euroski ski instructors.
11 and 16 hour: Free snowboard lessons with Euroski ski instructors.
10 and 15 hour: Free ski equipment rental for kids.
11 and 15 hour: Free snowtubing.
11 to 12.30 hour: Free skipass for kids.
18 to 19 hour: Free skipass for everyone (night skiing & snowboarding).
All day long: Kids Park with games.
Our event was an attraction for at least 2500 guests, of which 420 participated in program activities.
The kids and their parents have a great time on the slopes and they were happy about skiing with best ski & snowboard instructors.
Special Offers
- Free skis/snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski/snowboard lessons
- Free gifts & prizes
Other Special Offers
Free Snowtubing
Everyone's a winner at World Snow Day.
Snowboard is not an easy thing. World Snow Day kids at snowboard lessons.
Kids at ski lesson with Euroski School Ski Instructors and Clown Cristi.
Location Map
World Snow Day - Vatra Dornei
PARC Ski Slope
Vatra Dornei
+4 074 5305 908
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