Jászkisér  | Hungary
Event Report
Snow Day in the Great Hungarian Plain in Jászkisér | 22 January 2012
45 Event Participants
Unfortunately on 22 January we missed the snow in our town and also in the neighbourhood, so we couldn't organise any competition on snow. But we din't want to miss the first World Snow Day, therefore we changed the planned programme and instead of the ski races on the ski hill a rush was organised at the school gym, and then a competiton at the swimming pool. Water is the liquid state of snow, so we were able to organise the "Plain Duatlon" in the gym and the swimming pool. Hopefully we will be luckier with the weather next year.
Rush with bycicles
Preparation for the rush
Competition at the school pool
Location Map
Snow Day in the Great Hungarian Plain in Jászkisér
Csete Balázs Primary School
1. Petőfi út
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