Gudauri | Georgia
Event Report
Gudauri World Snow Day | 21 January 2012
300 Event Participants
Saturday, 21 January 2012 the Georgian Ski Federation has successfully organized the first FIS World Snow Day celebration at Gudauri Ski Resort with the strong support from the side of the Municipality of Georgian Capital Tbilisi in charge of the resort.
On a sunny day with lots of fresh snow GSF attracted about 200 children aged between 4 and 14, their families and the general public (altogether the crowd of about 300 people) to enjoy the day through a variety of fun activities at the newly refurbished children’s playground featuring the new surface ski lift and tubing station.
The objective of the celebration was to promote the snow sports as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and to encourage the people to spend a day out together with their families skiing and having fun on snowy slopes of Gudauri Ski Resort.
Leisure and entertaining activities for children and adults continued throughout the day until the late afternoon. The World Snow Day celebration program featured a variety of relay competitions “Happy Starts tournaments” and tubing races for children and adults, building of a snow tower, special presentation of circus performances featuring animation characters entertaining children. Free of charge access to a 400 meter long surface and conveyor carpet ski lifts as well as snow slides were at the disposal of children and their families.
These unprecedented activities have further promoted the Gudauri Ski Resort located only an hour and half drive from Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.
To promote the integration of children deprived of parental care into the society, Tbilisi City Hall has provided free-of-charge transportation from their Care Centers to Gudauri Ski Resort and back and engaged them in the aforementioned activities. Children were driven from Tbilisi to Gudauri and they spent a whole day at the winter resort.
We are looking forward to the celebration of the World Snow Day 2013!
Special Offers
- Free ski passes
- Free entry tickets
- Free food & drink
- Free transportation
- Free gifts & prizes
World Snow Day Little Participant
World Snow Day Feast
World Snow Day Concert
Location Map
Gudauri World Snow Day
Georgian Ski Federation
Chavchavadze ave. 49a
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