Tannheimer Tal/ Austria | Austria
Event Report
Day Ski and Board Trip | 22.01.2012
150 Event Participants
The World Snow day Event was integrated in our 3 day Ski- and Snowboardcourses.Due the special announcements in the local newspaper we had onthe 22nd January more than 150 guests, taking part at this event in Tannheimer Tal/ Austria. We drove with three busses to Austria and reached our target at 9.30 o’clock in the morning. Unfortunately it was quite windy and cold, but the snow was great, so everybody had real fun that day. As special offer to celebrate the World Snow Day, we invited interested young people in the age between 14 and 25 years, which are looking for an education as Ski- or Boardteacher in the Deutsche Skiverband (DSV). More than 30 people took the chance, Skizunft Metzingen covered all the cost for transportation and ski-pass for that day. The Skizunft Metzingen teacher team showed what it means to be a ski- or snowboardinstructor, we offered training lessons and let them assist in real courses. We split the group, a half day they where trained in 3 training teams by experienced Ski- or Board teachers, on the other half day they supported our Instructor team while doing courses for pupils of several levels. The age of our pupils was between 4 year old kids up to 60 year old best agers, which were fantastic to show the wide range of people having fun in winter sports, but also to show, which different methods and ways can be used to have the most success. Our Instructor team showed which quality of training is necessary to bring this sport with the most possible fun and technical knowledge to the people. After having a great day on snow, we left Tannheimer Tal and reached home at 7 o’clock in the evening. The result of that day was that more than 20 people signed up to our Skiclub to make the training to be a DSV Ski- or Snowboardteacher. Also we had very good reactions afterwards in the media, especially on our facebook account www.facebook.com/skizunft.metzingen and also in the print press (see attached).

Special Offers
- Free ski passes
- Free transportation
150 people having fun on World Snow Day 2012
Some of our future Instructor team members
Power kids during lesson
Location Map
Day Ski and Board Trip

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