Hall Wattens | Austria
Event Report
World Snow Day Fun on 'klumpers' | 19 January 2012
100 Event Participants
It was a great evening - the people had a lot of fun with "klumpering". The evening was like that: From 20.00 onwards, large numbers of klumper enthusiasts make for the ski practice slope. What is so amazing is just how quickly and how easily beginners learn how to use a klumper, a single-runner toboggan. You only need to sit on it once, take a couple of spins and before you know it you're ready for the final race at 21.00.
And what is so good is that you don't need to be a top sportsman to use a klumper. Children, parents, even grandparents, glide easily downhill and can demonstrate newly-acquired skills in the slalom race.. Read more: http://www.hall-wattens.at
Special Offers
- Free gifts & prizes
Fun on klumper I
Fun on klumper I
Fun on klumper I
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World Snow Day Fun on 'klumpers'
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Schmalzgasse 27
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