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This manual has been designed to help you, the World Snow Day event organiser, create the biggest day on snow all year!

This document will provide you with everything you need to know about staging a World Snow Day event. For example, you will find guidance on topics such as What is World Snow Day?, Key Messages, Goals and Benefits as well as how to get registered and what support will be provided by FIS.

Feel free to either download the Manual by clicking on the links below or you may also view the Manual by clicking the image in the right hand box.
 Event Planning Manual - 中文 - 7th Edition [21.52 MB]
 Event Planning Manual - English - 7th Edition [21.37 MB]
 Event Planning Manual - Française - 7th Edition [21.37 MB]
 Event Planning Manual - Deutsch - 7th Edition [21.36 MB]
 Event Planning Manual - Italiano - 7th Edition [21.37 MB]
 Event Planning Manual - русский - 7th Edition [21.37 MB]
 Event Planning Manual - Español - 7th Edition [21.37 MB]

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