Mums are the Best
The Brave Ski Mom Returns for a New Season
As a parent one of the best sources of advice and information is other parents. In 2016/2017 World Snow Day followed this approach and teamed up with the Brave Ski Mom to release a series of articles on helpful tips for budding ski and snowboard parents. Now in 2017/2018 the Brave Ski Mom will return with a new series of articles.

Hailing from the US, The Brave Ski Mom has showed parents all around the world how easy and above all fun snow sports is for the whole family. Some of her best know articles include:

- 13 Tips For New Ski Parents

- Tips for Dealing with Scared Skiers

- How To Keep Family Skiing and Snowboarding Fun

- Helmet Safety Made Easy

Keep a look out for her articles this season and make sure to check out her full website on:

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