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Andrew Cholinski returns to the World Snow Day Team
The World Snow Day team has under gone some changes to ensure a successful 2nd edition of World Snow Day. FIS is happy to announce the return of ambitious Australian Andrew Cholinski. Last year Andrew held the position of World Snow Day Assistant until commitments to university studies required him to return to Australia at the end of January. Returning on 1st May Andrew has hit the ground running making preparations for the 48th International Ski Congress and the preparing the campaign for the 2nd edition of World Snow Day. He has kindly taken the time to answer a few questions and express his thoughts on the next event.
Welcome back to FIS and World Snow Day how was your return to Australia?

Last year was an incredible year. Just before departing for home I received a few early reports from organisers and I was blown away by the events but in particular the creativity. I remember flying home and thinking of what will happen in the coming years with the event. After arriving at home and of course going surfing I started talks with my university to see if there was a chance of returning. After detailed discussions they quickly agreed to make special provision for me. The last months in Australia were all about planning for the next edition of the event, trying to manage the excitement of coming back and of course spending time with family enjoying the last days of the Australian summer.

Last year you were privileged to work with some great organisers, what were some of your favourite events?

Such a hard question to answer! I am going to be cliché but I really mean it, all the events were truly amazing. Some of my favourite events were the ones which were simple and creative. Some which come to mind include the World Record breaking event in Spain, Best of the Alps SOS Kinderdorf villages events, Zakopane Ski Jumping World Cup World Snow Day, Vatra Dornei Ski school event in Romania, Crystal Mountain World Snow Day in the US, Everyone on Snow Sweden, World Snow Day in Iceland, Winter wonderland in Tokyo, snow equipment sale in Australia, indoor ski slope lessons in Johannesburg and free ski lessons across the country in Poland. I could go on for hours - all the events were truly great.

Apart from the organisers what do you like about World Snow Day?

The variety of organisers is certainly one of my favourite parts. Aside from that I would have to say seeing the photos in the reports and getting the feeling of the atmosphere at each of the events. Also seeing that the tools we provided were actually very useful. One photo from Russia really motivated me to come back and work on the next edition of the project. So keep the photos coming everyone we really enjoy them.

8 months is not a long time to prepare a global event. Was there anything that was a major challenge last year?

Great question. I think the challenge is getting children out from their home and into the snow. Again creativity and fun play a big role in making this happen. From FIS we created a TV spot which showed a kid in his home tearing apart his house to motivate his mum and dad to take him to the snow. We had a great time shooting this. Click to view TV Spot . From an organisers perspective we saw not only events in resorts but also in cities and unexpected places, I hope this trend continues this year. So to answer your question the toughest part of my job is encouraging people to be creative whilst still focusing on creating an event to bring children to the snow.

What is your vision for the upcoming year?

To grow. While I was back in Australia I loved watching my now 2 year old nephew grow up and learn new things. He tried everything and he views everything as being fun and easy. I think because of this attitude he is always smiling. I hope that the organisers from the 1st edition and those who are thinking of joining for the 2nd edition adopt this approach and really have a lot of fun doing the event. I can’t wait to see some of the ideas for the second edition!

Any last words?

I hope that anyone who reads this article joins World Snow Day. The first edition was incredible and I can guarantee you those who participate in the events on the 20th January 2012 will create an unforgettable experience.
Thank you to Andrew for taking the time to answer these questions. FIS and the World Snow Day team wish him all the best for the upcoming year.

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