Introducing Rob and his Kids to Snow Sports
Meet the family that won a trip to the World Championships
Earlier on in January we launched, together with Eurosport, an online contest that provided a family with the opportunity to attend the Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz for free.

Rob Foster (36), the winner of the Eurosport Contest sponsored by Swiss and Hotel Albana, lives in Queensferry (North Wales) and is a secondary school sport teacher. He decided to take three of his four kids to Switzerland: Liam (17), Emma (10) and Ben (9).They all live in the UK, are not used to seeing snow and had never skied before. For this reason we knew that such a trip would have been even more special for them. And we, as the World Snow Day Team, were very excited to give them the chance to try skiing for the first time.

After their trip to the World Championships in St. Moritz, we took some time to catch up with Rob and his two kids Emma and Ben to ask them some questions and have their insights about their experience.

Hi Rob, and thanks for meeting us today. How did you and the kids feel when you found out you had won a trip to the World Championships in St. Moritz?

Personally I found it out of this world as I wasnít even sure where St. Moritz was. For a family that has never seen snow like the one we saw there and has never been skiing, it was an incredible opportunity Ė I was absolutely blown away by this unexpected surprise.
Emma: Yes, it was absolutely unbelievable.
Ben: It was brilliant, we told our friends straight away because we were so excited.
Rob then adds: I told my colleagues at work as I had to get some days off from my principal and everybody was quite jealous that I was going to spend some time in Switzerland skiing.

What is the thing you enjoyed the most about the whole trip?

Rob: Thatís a really tough question. The views for sure were one of the best things we got to experience in Switzerland. It was amazing to see such big mountains all covered in snow.
Besides that, watching the professional athletes skiing in St. Moritz was just unbelievable. When you are watching on TV you donít understand the scale, you just see the athlete skiing down but you donít realize how steep the slopes are and how fast the athletes actually ski.
Finally, seeing what goes on behind the scenes was also amazing, like when we watched the opening ceremony.
Emma: The actual skiing was the best part. We learned how to ski and I found it very exciting.
Ben: I agree. Trying to ski was really good!

Since it was your first time, how did you find skiing?

Ben: It was hard at the beginning but then I got used to it.
Emma: Everybody makes it look very easy but then when you actually try it yourself it is pretty hard.
Rob: I have to agree with Emma. You know, people make it look incredibly easy, but I found it quite hard. In addition to this, my legs and my feet especially because of the ski boots were sore after a day of skiing.
However I would like to see how it goes after a whole week of practicing. I am not a person who gives up easily so I think I might get quite good at it after one week.

What else did you try in St. Moritz?

Rob: We tried sledding and tubing and it was great fun.
Any kind of activity on snow, especially for the kids, looks fun and they enjoyed every single bit of it.

Will you take your kids skiing again?

Yes definitely. I will be in Manchester at Chill Factore on the 9th of March with the vice principal of the school. We are taking some students from our school and we will try snowboarding.
I will get all the information and prices ready for these two (looks at his kids), so hopefully the week after I can go back with them. On the 9th I will be trying snowboarding and when I go back with the kids I will try skiing again and then Iíll see which one I like better or which one I am better at.

Good to hear! We hope you keep bringing your kids to the snow then!

Sure! Chill Factore Manchester is down the road, itís only 40 minutes away and itís not massively expensive. I like to think itís the sort of thing we can do once or twice every month to try get better at it so when we go on holiday we get the chance to go skiing together and we kind of know what we are doing there.
In Chill Factor we can get proper instructors and we can have some more private lesson. And now, thanks to the experience we had, we know everything about boots, how to clip them and how skis work. We have got the advantage of not having to waste time doing that now and we can focus on the lesson. So we are very thankful for introducing us to skiing.

Any other plans regarding snow sports for the future?

We are trying to organize a ski trip with the school next year, possibly to France, through SkiBound. There are many children that want to come on a ski trip, so fingers crossed we can get that running. And in the meantime, if you have got any other ski trip you want us to come on, you know where we are.

We thank Rob, Emma and Ben for their time and are looking forward to seeing them on snow soon.

The official aftermovie of their trip to St. Moritz will be out in the next weeks! Stay tuned!

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