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Free Telemark Mont Blanc

21/22 Jaunary 2012 | Courmayeur, Aosta | Italy
  200 Event Participants  

Free Telemark Mont Blanc

Via Roma,48
 11013 Courmayeur 
+39 3478632466
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Two days of great entertainment in Courmayeur, with around 200 telemarkers.
Saturday, cloudy day in the morning, which was attended by 40 experts telemarkers, in the company of mountain guides who have discovered a few routes of freeride skiing in Courmayeur. 30 cm of fresh snow that made everyone happy. While the guides were around groves, the beginners, in the company of ski teachers, were able to experience the thrill of the first free heel turns.
Available to all free materials, including new MOMENT, that American company and the new system of bindings by NTN telemark.
At noon also a shy sun has lit the chain of Mont Blanc and finish all the aperitif, in Dolonne to FUORIPISTA bar.
Sunday wonderful day with sunshine, which allowed to continue with the great activities planned.
They resumed at 10.00 courses for beginners and are finally thrown in the test of even the kids telemark ski schools, accompanied by their teachers. 40 boys between 9 and 14 years have experienced their first turns free heel, according to their experience "fantastic".
While the kids buckled, 40 people make off the "race style", which started at 11.00, where it was important to show your style on the track, off-piste and between the posts.
Great success of image ...
Everyone at the LA BAITA restaurant, for a "spaghetti lunch" off the groupe, resulting in awards and prize draw to draw.
The test materials free of charge has seen 200 people embark on this subject, including material testing of the new 2012 season.
In many, up to 17.00 still wanted to try telemark, including many of the ski school instructors, who in their free hours they went out with this wonderful discipline.
Today, telemark skiing is no longer an old-fashioned, dressed as before, with skirt and stick, but today the Telemark has a new generation, young people may choose to do because you can do freestyle telemark, freeride ... just like in the new generation of skiing.
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted ski passes
- Discounted accommodation
a group of boys who tried to a telemark in front a stand off event accreditation
beginners on the slopes
with the teacher to try telemark
powder in the forests of Courmayeur
Saturday all in freeride with teachers and mountain guides
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