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Winter Sports Festival For ALL

22 January 2012 | Lithuanian Winter Sports Center ,Ignalina | Lithuania
  500 Event Participants  

Winter Sports Festival For ALL

Zemaites str.6-416
 LT-03117 Vilnius 
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The newest program:

IGNALINA Lithuanian Winter Sports Center
PROGRAM preliminary (possible changes do to the weather forecast)
January 22th. (sunday)
11:00 – 13:00 Registration near World Snow Day organizers tent.
We are planing to make free ski and snowboardin inctructors lessons for children.
After the lessons we will make slalom competitions for snowborders and skiers.
Attention! – all children until 14 years, discount for lift passes- 50% for day ticket, and for childrens pearents discount for lift passes- 30% for day ticket !
11:30 – 13:00 . Nordic Walking lessons .

11.00 - 12.00val. Registration for childrens Cross-Country race.

Start 12.00.

Age groups:

1. 1999 born. And youger – girls and boys
2. 1997-1998 born. – girls and boys
3. 1995-1996 born. - girls and boys
Attention! Please follow the program,there could be changes do to the weather!

All children until 14 years,will get special medal-World Snow Day, diploma, and souvenirs 
Everyone who will bring skis or snowbord,will get WORLD SNOW DAY sticker!!!
Winners will get „Fischer“ prizes
Organizer has the right to change the program do to the weather conditions.
Do To the worm winter the lake is not frozen,the ice is very thin,please do not go on the ICE its Dangerous!There will no any EVENTS on the ICE!
Thanks to the cold week just before event we got some 10 cm snow and cold,so Lithuanian Winter Sport Center just one day before on saturday has open the Alpine Skiing Slope for skiers and snowboarders.Unfortunatly the NOKIA Snow park,the lake was not frozen,so we must skip a lot from our program.According to lift ticket sales it was about 440 tickets sold.All kids participated in Cross country skiing Sprint events was 37, in Biathlon event-9 children, Alpine skiing and Snowboard Slalo - 15.So totaly 61 .The weather was fine with some sunchine and in the end some new snow,so finaly we got WINTER,thanks to WORLD SNOW DAY.All the partisipants got the World Snow Day special wooden medal,diploma and Fischer valuable prizers.The Snowboard slalom event was very attractive because that was the firts ever competitions on very nice prepayred kids slope with special LISKI Snowboards gates and nice finish arch provided by our mane sponsor NOKIA.All the kids engoyed very much and asked us when will be again such event!
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Discounted ski passes
Other Special Offers
All children got special World Snow day medal made from wood,to remde that all skis in the past was made from wood.
The youngest Cross Country Skier ,4 years old with mother at World Snow Day,Ignalina,Winter Sport Center
Snowboard Slalom event was the first ever in Lithuania
All Cross Country Sprint event children awaiting in start line

Event Partners

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