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World Snow Day

19 January 2014 | Snow Valley Ski Club | Canada
  200 Event Participants  

World Snow Day

13204-45 Avenue
 T6R2V4 Edmonton 
+1 78 080 923 68
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Snow Valley Ski Club, is a small yet very busy teaching facility inside the city of Edmonton, Canada.We promoted World Snow Day on all our Social Media platforms, e-mails and with internal signage as well. The event itself turne dout to be on a beautiful day and was very simpl.: We invited families to come enjoy the outdoors together at Snow Valley. We had free hot chocolate, we gave away pins and prizes, and had a few carnival games at the bottom of the hill. We also set up a slolem course that the public could run untimed challenge "fun runs". This was exteremely successful and ran very smoothly with parents taking on kids, kids racing kids, all in good fun. January 19 was very busy anyway with lessons, 'Masters Racing' had training, and regular programming. It was an unqualified success.

Special Offers
- Free food and drink
- Free gifts and prizes
High five for kids on World Snow Day
The sun was out and kids enjoying the snow
This little ripper could not stop smiling
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