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World Snow Day Pöytyä

17 January 2021 | Haukkavuori | Finland

World Snow Day Pöytyä

Haukkavuorentie 43
 21870  Riihikoski 
(+358) 40 7530 376
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Event Description

CHANGES TO THE EVENT CAUSED BY COVID-19: In accordance with the restrictions of the Finnish Government, events of more than 10 people must not be organized. However, World Snow Day will not be canceled in Pöytyä! We create the conditions for everyone to participate in the happiest day in the world with their family. Thanks to our snow cannon, we are able to provide a framework for this.
@Peltonenski and Ski School offers free equipment for skiing and snow games.


On the official World Snow Day Jan 17th 2021 Pöytyän Urheilijat sports club & ski school will organize the largest free skiing event in Southern Finland. The event takes place in Haukkavuori resort of Pöytyä, a local winter sport resort run by volunteers. Though climate changes has cost major problems for the ski tracks of southern Finland, snow is 100% guaranteed with the snow cannon.

Pöytyän Urheilijat offers free rental cross country skis for people of all ages and the goal is to have as many people on skis during the day as possible. “Last time (2019) we had 350 participants and this year we aim to reach 500 skiers” says Veikko Salmi, the chairman of the club.

For the kids there is a special ski track challenge, take-off ramp for ski jumps and of course a sled hill for Stiga rides.

The event is open from 10am to 3pm and the Haukkavuori ski café and pancake bar are open during the whole event just as well as the wood-heated saunas are free for use.

We welcome you to experience this whole family event World Snow Day with us! Just half an hour from Turku.

Participating also:, Peltonen Ski, Rex ski wax, Häijää.fi, Auranmaan Latu&Polku

“It's important to me that every child can ski and play on the snow. I am honored to be a Guardian member of the event. I want to send the best regards to every ski junior! “
- Says Johanna Matintalo, the olympic skier of Pöytyä.

Event Partners

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