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FIS WSD 2020 - Eric's Suzhou, China

19 January 2020 | Eric's Winter Wonderland Suzhou | China

FIS WSD 2020 - Eric's Suzhou, China

6th Floor, Meijing Plaza, Intersection of Xiangcheng Avenue and Jiayuan Road, Xiangcheng District
 215000 Suzhou 
(+86) 1365 400 4957
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Event Description

Welcome to the International Ski Federation (FIS) World Snow Day in Eric’s Winter Wonderland - a beautiful snow indoor park with lots to do for the whole family. Located in Suzhou city less than 1 hour drive from Shanghai.

Suzhou City is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Province. It is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province and in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta. It has a total area of 848.84 square kilometers and a resident population of 10.72117 million. It has a history of nearly 2,500 years and is one of the birthplaces of Wu culture but this will be for the really first time of the long history of the city to celebrate WORLD SNOW DAY.

To celebrate the day we will host special games, quzzies and activities in our indoor snow park which has been opened on 28th September and has some pretty cool brand new facilitities for youngsters to enjoy activities on snow .

All ages are welcome and at the end of the event we will be hosting a party with music and some delicious refreshehments for participants.

The event is open to all families and their children. So, let’ s borrow our winter apparell and come join us for a fun day on the snow.

Activities for the Day:

Snow sport games, quizzes and activities on snow where kids will have a chance to win prizes and gifts from our partners
Photo booth for taking cool photos on snow and Group photo of all participants
Our ski instructors will be hosting presentations and videos about the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Beijing 2022 and presentation about importance of protecting THE ENVIRONMENT and focus on HEALTHY BENEFITS and SAFETY during snow sports.
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