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19 January 2014 | Tabor Mountain, New England | United States of America
  41 Event Participants  


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The Sleboggan Club of New England’s (SCNE’s) 3rd World Snow Day event was the best ever! Notwithstanding, a January thaw that threaten the event SCNE did not cancel and were pleasantly surprised with three new inches of snow on January 18th. Though we expected 50 to 75 participants we ended up with 41 attending the 3rd WSD Slebogganing event.
Many thanks go out to the SCNE members who volunteered their time to make the 3rd World Snow Day Slebogganing event a success and for providing transportation from Mr. Sleboggan’s Sleboggan Park up to the top of Tabor Mountain so those WSD Participants who wanted to experience the new 4,000’ Sleboggan Run. Additionally, many thanks go out to the SCNE Members who provided hot drinks and snacks.
WSD participants started arriving at 9 a.m. Since the Sleboggan Park does not have a lot of comfort facilities most participants Sleboggan for an hour or two then warm up and enjoy refreshments before heading home. Therefore, we did not get any large group pictures as participants came and went throughout the day. The Slebogganing ended at 4 p.m.
Each child received a SCNE Patch and were allowed to keep their bib. The bib numbers were donated by Racewire.
Though SCNE didn’t have as big a turnout as expected, it was wonderful to introduce and demo the new winter sport of slebogganing to all participants. In addition to using a new 4,000’ Sleboggan Run for the first time we had a small pile of snow where the smallest children were able to try Slebogganing. Some parents who had Slebogganed before were able to take their entire family safely down the Sleboggan Runs unassisted.
Hopefully, as WSD becomes better known in New Hampshire other venues with more facilities will organize events for children on this very special day. All the members of SCNE deeply thank the WSD organization for letting them become a part of WSD. SCNE looks forward to continuing their association with the FIS/WSD organization and are looking forward to the 4th Annual WSD.


The Sleboggan Club of New England
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free transportation
- Free food and drink
- Free entry tickets
Other Special Offers
Free Sleboggan and toboggan use & free Sleboggan lessons
Family of four pose under WSD sign and a mother and her two kids pose at the start of the Sleboggan Runs.
A composite picture showing a dad about to take his family down the Sleboggan Run in a Sleboggan Train and grandmother with her two grandchildren under the WSD Sleboggan sign.
First WSD participants!
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