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FIS WSD 2020 - Snow Fox Dalian, China

19 January 2020 | Dalian Minghu Skiing Resort 大连铭湖滑雪场 | China

FIS WSD 2020 - Snow Fox Dalian, China

No. 4-5 Yanhe Street, Shahekou District
 116085 Dalian 
(+86) 1365 400 4957
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Event Description

Dalian city is the deputy provincial city of liaoning province is located in the Yellow Bohai Sea, backed by the hinterland of northeast China, and Shandong peninsula across the sea. In 2018, the registered population was 5.952 million.

At Snow Fox Ski Club we are committed to providing professional skiing skills training for children aged 3-16. Cultivate the child's interest in outdoor sports, let the every child feel the fun of skiing while learning skills, exercise the child's physical ability, cultivate the team spirit of mutual help and improve the overall quality of individual comprehensive ability.

Over the past decade, the snow Fox Ski winter camp has trained nearly 3,000 children. Every year during the winter vacation, we will hold 5-6 skiing winter camps, 4 days each, In total of 24 hours snow teaching sessions.

Last year we were celebrating the World Snow Day, by organizing "Snow Fox Cup" children's alpine skiing competition in Dalian and we are looking forward for another season with even bigger competition and increased number of participants on 19th January, 2020. Prizes for the fastest athletes will be included and provided by our local partners.

Main activity: Ski/Snowboard race

Main partners:
Dalian Anbo Hot Spring Skiing Resort 大连安波温泉滑雪场
Dalian Minghu Skiing Resort 大连铭湖滑雪场 Anbo ski resort
39°81’39" N, 122°28’52" E
More Chinese local partners 等公司中国代理都曾经赞助…

T +41 31 368 14 15