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WSD Pamporovo-Mechi chal

21 January 2018 | Pamporovo | Bulgaria
  180 Event Participants  

WSD Pamporovo-Mechi chal

Pamporovo resort, Hotel Orlovetz
 4700 Pamporovo 
(+359) 882 886 402
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For the 4th consecutive year, Pamporovo was part of the FIS family as the host and event organiser, aiming to attract the youngest to the ski area, so that children will start loving snow and find benefits of sport through attractive games.

Pamporovo recreated fun games, sweet temptations, hot drinks, music and, of course, rewards for all participants in the event. The kids enjoyed snow basketball game, snowball fight, colouring on the snow, playing with mascot and look for snow rewards in the snow. The most joyous photo with the logo of the World Snow Day uploaded on the Facebook resort page, received our special prize for a five-star holiday in Pamporovo. At our tent all participants found advertising materials and brochures of Pamporovo.

The party included aromatic drinks of herbal tea and delicious cake with the logo of World snow day. We had music and excellent mood all day.
Special Offers
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free food and drink
Other Special Offers
Attractive games
The sweetest "thing"
Shiny happy people with WSD logo
I love Pamporovo
T +41 31 368 14 15