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Enјоy snow, choose skiing NIS 2019

20 January 2019 | Stara Planina Ski Resort | Serbia
  45 Event Participants  

Enјоy snow, choose skiing NIS 2019

Tvrdjava 2A
 18000 Niš 
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Another World Snow Day is behind us. Our main goal is achieved by putting many kids on skis for the first time.
In keeping with this goal following actions were provided:

- Free one-day ski school for kids and adults,
- Ski demonstrations by young competitors and ski instructors,
- Discounted ski-pass for kids,
- Ski race competition with symbolic prizes for kids,
- Free snacks and refreshments ,

At the end of the day everyone was overjoyed especially new born skiers!
Special Offers
- Discounted ski passes
- Free gifts and prizes
- Free food and drink
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free skis snowboards use
Flying Stars
Snow Flakes
Nina & Babies
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