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TuSport Snow Day

17 January 2021 | Cavnic | Romania

TuSport Snow Day

Str. Icoanei nr. 1
 435300 Cavnic 
(+407) 446 311 28
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Event Description

Welcome to the International Ski Federation and TuSport Snow Day events, in Cavnic Romania.

Cavnic is situated in northern Romania, in the well-known Maramures county, a region that promote the traditions of the Romanian people. Cavnic is a little mountain town, with almost 10 km of ski piste.

TuSport is a sport club and also a ski school who's organizing ski and snowboard lessons, and courses, and also ski competition for kids, teens, and for children’s parents too. We organize World Snow Day events from the very beginning, and we try to offer, every year new funny activities

For the edition 2021 we prepare funny activities, routes, differentiated by the age and ski level, an after party, free lessons, discounted rental for ski equipment. For this event we gonna build partnerships with sporting good shops, schools etc.

The event will be organized in two days: Sunday – on the slope with kids, teens and adults, and Monday in the downtown Baia Mare, on the skating ring. TuSport try to promote snowsports every where on the slope, in skiing resort, but also in the cities.
T +41 31 368 14 15