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World Snow Day by Veneto

19 January 2014 | Siemiechow | Poland
  40 Event Participants  

World Snow Day by Veneto

Jurasówka Stacja narciarska
 33-181 Siemiechów 
(+48) 604318130
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World Snow Day was an excellent day at ski school Veneto.

In keeping with the spirit of the event our aim was to provide new comers to snow sports the chance to explore, enjoy and experience everything snow. To help encourage new comers we staged free ski and snowboard lessons. The idea was enjoyed by many and the children cherished the opportunity. Many parents and families from major cities in the area attended the event. This drew people who had never tried snow sports before.

Our event was a great success. We are looking forward to the next World Snow Day and showing more children the joys of snow sports.

Special Offers
- Free ski snowboard lessons
Some of the children enjoying our free classes
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