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World Snow Day in Lima

20 January 2019 | Huaral | Peru

World Snow Day in Lima

Aucallama Main Square N/N
 15125 Huaral 
(+51) 965 336 636
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Event Description

Welcome to the World Snow Day in Lima, Peru.

Whilst not having snow we will have the next best thing, sand. Our programme has been designed all about having fun, here we go:

11:00 meeting at Desert Expeditions Office
12:00 Muppets shows
1:00 Departure to the desert
2:00 Sandboarding and sand sled lessons all along the afternoon.
3:00 Sand man competition
4:00 Kite competition
5:00 sandboarding demo
6:00 Closure and certificates for the participants

The event is open to all but you must reserve. Come and join us for World Snow Day in Hural, Peru.

T +41 31 368 14 15