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World Snow Day 2016

17 January 2016 | Anyksciai | Lithuania
  114 Event Participants  

World Snow Day 2016

Kalno 25
 29117 Anykščiai 
(+370) 611 391 81
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The event was impressive! Over 100 participiants took part in it! The event with mass skiing and other winter sports and entertainment events. In event competitions registered 98 participants from Anykščiai, Panevėžys, Ukmergė Vilnius, Panevezys, Rokiskis and other cities. However, many children up to 14 years and their parents took the opportunity for up to 3:00 PM free use of lifts and learn to ski, GS competitions. The Snowboard festival was very impressive All festival participants received diplomas, postcards, stickers with the World Snow Day logo.
The youngest participant of the festival, ski enthusiast Gintautas Gotovskio grandson, will be only years old, and his brother Lukas 3 yeas old.
Special Offers
- Free skis snowboards use
- Free ski passes
- Free ski snowboard lessons
- Free entry tickets
- Free gifts and prizes
Other Special Offers
Competitions, games, gifts.
Vilte started skiing!
Children are waiting for GS competitions!
Link to event video:
T +41 31 368 14 15