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World Snow Day 2021 Final Report Released

22. July 2021
The World Snow Day 2021 was exceptional. On one hand World Snow Day has reached 10 years of operation. However due to a global pandemic many Organisers faced the hard decision to cancel events. Which ever way you look at it the 10th edition of World Snow Day is one that will not be forgotten.

To help make sense of World Snow Day 2021, FIS have released the “World Snow Day Final Report”. The report details all the aspects of World Snow Day including, the number of events and participants, what actions took place and where, the impact of communications, contributions by the partners and feedback from the Organisers.

The report is a publicly available and can be shared and downloaded openly. To grab your copy of the World Snow Day 2021 Final Report, simply click the link below and while there be sure to checkout the individual reports from each of the event Organisers.
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