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World Snow Day Awards Announcement Set

17. May 2021
On the 3rd June 2021 the winners of the World Snow Day Awards 2021 will be announced.

For those not familiar with the Awards, the World Snow Day Awards recognise the best World Snow Day events and actions for the 2021 edition of the event. The Awards are presented every two years and contain four categories. They are:

Line Honors: Recognises the first event to register World Snow Day 2021
Prize: 1’000 chf

Most Creative World Snow Day: Recognises the most creative and unique actions
Prize: Film crew to film their next World Snow Day

Best Small World Snow Day: recognises the best event and action with under 500 person
Prize: 2’000 chf

Best World Snow Day: Recognises the best events and actions with over 500 persons
Prize: 10’000 chf

Each category has a strict judging criteria, all of which is detailed in the Award regulations (click here).

To enter the Awards, Organisers of World Snow Day are invited to complete their World Snow Day report after their event. The report then automatically becomes the nomination form.

For this edition of the Awards, the announcement will take place online. To find out who the winners are, log on the World Snow Day website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on the 3rd June at 08:00am (CET). All the links are below.
T +41 31 368 14 15