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Prinoth Snowgroomers Go Zero Emissions

21. December 2020
As the saying goes “you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?”. For PRINOTH answer is a clear yes.

The Italian based company recently released it much anticipated fully electric groomer called Husky eMOTION. Fitted with 190kWh battery, the Husky is the lightest electric groomer in the world. The combination of light weight and power gives the machine up to 3hrs of runtime with an impressive 1140Nm of torque. But PRINOTH were not done.

As an extra cherry on top of the proverbial cake, the company also released a hydrogen powered machine. And not just any machine its top of the line work horse dubbed the Leitwolf h2MOTION. The hydrogen powered machine is a capable of 544HP and a mind melting 2300Nm of torque with a 4hour run time. What is more is that the only emission out of the exhaust is water.

"With the LEITWOLF h2MOTION, our PRINOTH development teams have achieved the connection between zero-emission propulsion and undiminished power. With the new model, we meet all performance-related requirements and achieve the 100% elimination of fossil fuels," says PRINOTH President Klaus Tonhäuser.

The two models are currently in “concept” form but judging by the promo video the machines have been put to the test and will soon be ready to hit the slopes. Once in play, the technology will be a big step forward for snow sports becoming carbon neutral.

For more information on Prinoth or their models visit:
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